Overcome insecurity as a junior programmer

The journey in programming is a marathon, not a sprint

Thanks to ITViec for posting another version of this post on their Facebook Fanpage in 2017. I recount my journey as a professional Java developer after graduating from Can Tho University in 2013. I joined my first company, Axon Active Vietnam, and worked on an internal project with my team. All the members are either… Continue reading Overcome insecurity as a junior programmer

One-on-Ones: Building Authentic Relationships

(Illustration) I was talking with my friend at work

I have been a one-on-one (1:1) practitioner since 2020. Back then, I took on the official role of Tech Lead for the first time, working directly with two teams (8 members). The original idea was simple. I scheduled a one-hour meeting with each member per quarter. In the meeting, I tried to be a good… Continue reading One-on-Ones: Building Authentic Relationships